Musings by Miss Lulu

Anytime we go shopping or enter a store that may possibly carry notepads, my daughter inevitably asks if she can buy one.  I swear she has probably fifteen or more notebooks and journals scattered throughout our house.  Even as a very young child she would ask for paper and pens wherever we went.  She spent hours ‘writing’ stories in her journals.  I’ll never forget watching as she told my Mom a story about vampires.  She had an entire notebook page filled with squiggly lines and ‘read’ it aloud for Mom.  I don’t remember the specifics, but it was rather fascinating to watch how her imagination worked.  She took the time to write out an entire story and then insisted on sharing that story with other people.  She told the same story three or four times.  I was amazed how few details varied with each telling.  She was a storyteller before she could even write a full word.

Now she’s entering second grade and can actually write down her stories.  Last night my sister and I were cleaning the table when we found one of my daughter’s notebooks open on the table.  The very first page read:

A thumping is my brother going back and forth by running
A thumping is
my brother going
back and forth
by running

We both smiled and finally understood why she wanted all those notebooks.  All this time she’s actually been using them for writing, not scribbling!  We paged through the notebook she had out and found so many fun little snippets of her mind. From pages about our family to some about our dog who passed away several years ago.  It was sweet to see and I am so proud of her for starting the writing process early in life.

I sat down and talked to her briefly about how I would like to post some of these pages on my blog.  The conversation went like this:

Me: So Miss Lulu, you know I have my blog I write online right.
Miss Lulu: Yeah
Me: I found your notebook and I would like to post some of your stuff on my blog.  Is that alright?
Miss Lulu:  Sure, but not from the Tinkerbell journal.  There’s nothing in there to show.  It’s all messy.  I was little then… like kindergarten.

Little… like kindergarten.  I had to laugh.  I think second grade is little too, but don’t tell her that!  She’d stomp her foot and demand that second graders are NOT little, they are big kids.

Going forward I am going to post tidbits of her writing.  I’ll mark each of them with the Musings by Miss Lulu category.  I totally get that this is an ‘I’m being a proud parent’ thing and you all may not want to read them… So don’t. ♥ I promise not to be offended.  I do ask that regardless of your opinion of her writing, you keep any comments kind.  Please keep in mind she is only 7 years old and we want to encourage creativity, not squash it.


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