I did say I wanted to try new things…

Well at the beginning of this year I mentioned my goal was to try something new each month.  So far I’ve managed to pull that off quite well.  I’ve auditioned and acted in a play, baked wedding cupcakes, grown my own garden, created new recipes, started letting my husband run through the nightly security check on his own (Only on sometimes.  I still find myself occasionally going behind him to make sure he’s locked the door…). Okay okay, so those of you who know me know that not all these are exactly new.  I’ve grown gardens before and created new recipes, but not often on my own.  In this case, I’ve done them without any ‘adult supervision’.  My sister and I grew our garden with no guidance from our parents or grandpa.  We’ve created our own recipes without Mom pointing out what is wrong with it, so that counts.

It’s August now – time for another ‘new’ thing to add to my list.  You’ll never guess what it is this round.  I’ll give you a few seconds to think about it…….




No, I haven’t decided to give up sleeping with a nightlight.  I said something new, not plain crazy!  We’re far from that step in life.  That’s a lifelong partnership I’m just not sure I’m ready to give up yet.  Now if you said ‘oh you’re building a house of course’ – you were very right!  Yep.  My family and I have taken the giant step to building a house.  Yes family, not just husband and I, because this truly is a family endeavor.  It impacts each of us in my household.  It’s been a long time planning and jumping through hoops but we’ve gotten to the groundbreaking and I have to say we couldn’t be happier.  I realize it’s not always going to be easy and there may be times I want to drop an anvil on my husband, but it’s exciting none the less.  The kids will have their own rooms, which my daughter is oh so excited about.  My two-year old son will love the new backyard.  We’ll have a bigger kitchen!  Both my sister and I are excited for that.  It’ll be nice filling cake orders and actually having the counter space to stack boxes.  Best of all?  We’ll be back out-of-town again!  I cannot wait to be outside of city limits and in an area with less people.  I miss living in the country.  It’s one of the best memories of my childhood.

I did say I wanted to try new things… I think this is a perfect ‘new’ thing to do this year.


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