More Deep Thoughts of a Six Year Old

So my daughter has been learning about the Titanic at school and has this sudden fascination with seeing the movie.  I’ll admit, I’ve seen the movie.  I was in high school when it was in theaters originally and we were all crazy over it.  However, the movie to a six-year-old would probably be boring.  Furthermore, if I know my daughter, she’d likely cry at the end.  Of course both my husband and I try to explain this to her.  Her response:

‘So you’re saying it’s NON-FICTION?!’

Yes dear, all things that are boring and sad are stories of real life.


My husband takes great pleasure in annoying our daughter.  He does it on a daily basis.  They have a great time arguing back and forth.  As I mentioned before, she has this fascination with the Titanic.  Last night she’s telling us how the captain went down with the ship and he stabbed himself in the heart so the sharks wouldn’t get him.  My husband of course has to one-up her.  ‘Well you know, my grandfather was on that ship and he died too!’.  Obvious BS… her response?

‘Knock it off Dad!  Whatever, you’re so full of… malarkey!’

There you have it, your vocab lesson of the week… from a 6-year-old.


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