Deep Thoughts of a Six Year Old…

You know the phrase ‘kids say the darndest things’?  … Well that fits my daughter perfectly.  I know, all parents say that and it’s likely you won’t find her nearly as hilarious as I do, but I figured I’d share anyway. 


We were watching an episode of A Gifted Man and there was this teenage girl giving birth to a baby.  Of course my daughter was super curious about how it hurt and why she was screaming.  I explained to her that having a baby hurts like mad but she was totally worth it.  Then we had to do the whole follow-up of ‘don’t have kids until you’re older’.  I left that to her dad…

Husband: You are not allowed to have kids until you’re older.
Daughter: Yeah I know Dad (I’m pretty sure she rolled her eyes… 6 year olds should NOT roll their eyes yet!!)
Husband: (Totally thinking she’s missing the point) I mean, not until you’re like 28 years old.  School, job, husband then kids.  Live your life first.
Daughter: (Points her finger at him, thumb up…) I’ll give that a try.


The other night I had a Girl Scout leadership meeting.  It tends to take me away from the family for the majority of the night.  Thankfully my husband was able to pick up our kids from daycare.  On the way home this was their conversation.

Daughter: I have a Band-Aid daddy.  See! (She shows my husband)
Husband: Oh? What happened?
Daughter: Paper cut.  You wanna see?? (She starts to peel back the Band-Aid)
Husband: (Stopping her) No that’s ok.  We don’t have any Band-Aids at home to replace it.
Daughter: Well, you should go buy some.
Husband: Why? I don’t cut myself.
Daughter: (looking at her dad very seriously) Yeah, but Mommy does!

Gee, thanks little one… even YOU give me crap about being accident prone…


We were driving to town the other day and my husband and I are bantering back and forth.  Of course our daughter has to get involved. She starts scolding my husband and he continues to annoy the heck out of her.  In an attempt to really insult him she spouts out: “Well Dad, you’re just awkward!”

Best insult of the day… Yup you’re awkward…


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