New Meaning for March Madness…

I’m thinking I want to write March off the map.  This year March has pretty much kicked my behind in a bad bad way.  I don’t think I’ve had a ‘normal’ week since February.  It’s been chaos all around me.

First, my husband was supposed to travel at the end of February.  We had him all set to go, delivered to the airport and his flight got canceled.  Of course I was glad he got to hang out a little longer, but it just put off the inevitable.  Had he gone when he was supposed to, I wouldn’t have ended up stuck at home alone dying of some stupid viral infection.  He’d have been around to help with the kids and of course take care of me.

Outside of my own sickness, both of my kids have been fighting the bugs on and off all month.  It’s made my daughter a very cranky girl.  My poor son has had a runny nose all  month.  I don’t think he even remembers what it feels like to be healthy!  Poor kids have been more sick this year than I’ve ever seen.  Even my husband hasn’t kept the nasty bugs at bay.  He’s currently stuck at home fighting influenza A.  Yep.  It’s time to bleach bomb my house.  Get rid of this nasty crud.

My daughter has kept me busy running around for Girl Scouts and swim lessons and anything else she seems to think she has to do.  I love seeing her grow into her own person but wish she’d slow down sometimes.  She has a tendency to wear me out.  Not to mention the kid is getting one heck of an attitude.  I’m not sure if it’s a product of being in school with other kids or what, but I miss my sweet little girl who rarely acted out.  Now I think it’s pretty much a nightly battle with her.

Looking at my calendar, I think the rest of March is booked.  I don’t think I have a free weekend until mid-April.  Birthdays, swim lessons, Girl Scouts… It’s chaos.  Pure chaos.  If I make it through without being locked up in the loony bin, we’ll be lucky…


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