Latest Addiction…

I’m a video game fan at heart.  I grew up with video games.  There were even days my mom would pull my brother and I out of school so we could conquer a level for her.  Ok, that was mostly my brother, but he’s a video game genius and I love watching him play.  Anyway, I love video games.  I’ve played all sorts of games.  Everything from Mario to EQ2, WoW and Rift.  Sadly I just don’t have the time to dedicate to my MMORPG’s anymore.

This year for Christmas my daughter bought me the new Spyro game.  I saw it in the store and thought how cool it is that they have a game AND the figurines.  I love figurines.  Don’t ask why because I can’t honestly give you a good reason.  So to compliment my daughters gift, my husband spent a good month before Christmas buying up ever Skylander and add-on world he could find.  As a result, I have pretty much every Skylander released.  Yay!!

Now I’ve gotten my sister addicted and we’ve been scouring our area for Skylanders to purchase.  I’ll tell ya what, those little buggers are hard to find now!  It’s been a battle… a very sad sad losing battle.  It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen a Skylander in the stores.  I’ve lost hope of seeing any new ones.  That is until my husband had to travel out of state and returned with these…

*drum roll*




The Legendary Skylanders!!!!

I know I know, people are thinking I’m basically nuts at this point.  The thing is, they are a Toys R Us exclusive and I live in an area where guess what… We don’t have a Toys R Us! *gasp*  I believe we have one in our state and that’s like 7 hours away.  So yes, I’m very excited about my ‘honey I’m home’ gift.


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