Doomsday Bunkers…

While sitting alone in his hotel room, my husband discovered my new favorite Discovery Channel show ~ Doomsday Bunkers!!!  Yep.  Doomsday Bunkers.  I did mention I’m kinda crazy right?  I have been secretly drawing up bunker plans for years.  This show brings a lot of my wants to life.  I love it.  We watched an episode the other night and I have to say, it was very cool.

The show is basically about a company that builds bunkers.  So cool.  I’ve been revising some of my bunker plans to account for new threats and such – thanks to this show.  🙂  It’s promoting my crazy need to have one.  Which isn’t so crazy!  So what if I want a full on three level complex with multiple escape routes?? I mean, one can never been too prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse!

Anyway, I fully recommend this show to anyone who is remotely interested in bunkers or preparing for the worst.  The guys really do have some cool ideas and work with some fun toys.


2 thoughts on “Doomsday Bunkers…

  1. Sara

    I totally want a bunker! Draw me one too! Maybe we can have a secret tunnel that meets in between C.Falls and Kalispell…. preferably meeting up under 5 Guys and Coldstone…. 🙂

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