All Alone and Dying…

I despise being sick.  I think I’m probably one of the worst sick people ever.  I get whiny and needy and all ‘I want my mommy’.  I know no one really likes being sick.  I mean, if you do then you are much crazier than I am.  I know that we all feel like crap when sick and that I shouldn’t whine nearly as much… but I do and I likely won’t change that anytime soon.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had very good caregivers when I’ve been sick.  My mom and grandma were always around to nurse us back to health.  My dad was king of bringing home green grapes and 7up.  My grandpa was always trying to cheer me up.  I remember many times I’d be sick with strep or bronchitis and never was I on my own, even after I moved away for school.  If I got sick, my mom would come down and stay with me for a few days.

Now I’m all grown up, married and have kids of my own.  My husband is usually really good when I’m sick.  He puts up with all my whining and neediness and for that I am grateful.  I wouldn’t do well being left to my own devices while sick… as I found out this past week.

Last Tuesday I was getting the kids all set to go to school and daycare.  My daughter was having breakfast and made a mad dash for the bathroom.  Evidently her stomach was not very happy.  I did the whole call my boss, call the school, and notify the rest of the family thing.  The daughter was sick.  I felt awful for her.  Being sick isn’t fun.  For me?  I was kinda glad to change back into my pj’s and head for the couch.  It had already been a long week of being a single parent.  My husband left on Sunday for work related travel.  My son was battling a sinus infection and obviously my daughter was coming down with something.  Overall I had two demon children since he left.

About two hours later I found myself curled up in a ball on the couch shivering.  I couldn’t get warm.  I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.  I ran the list of things I was feeling and came to one conclusion.  “Shit I’m sick!”  Greeaat… Just what I needed.  I was home with a sick daughter, sick myself and no husband coming to relieve me any time soon.  Needless to say, my week took a major downturn at that point.

I spent the next three days battling a nasty virus.  I fevered, had a migraine, felt sick to my stomach, coughed hard enough my ribs still feel bruised… pretty much on my death bed… ALONE!  It was horrible. Of course being left on my own is never good.  I did everything I probably shouldn’t.  I covered up with my thickest comforter while fevering, I even went to work twice and ended up being sent home.  I didn’t drink nearly enough water or eat when I should.  All in all I did everything my mom wouldn’t let me if she had been around.  But mom was sick at her house so she couldn’t stop me.

Things were quickly getting crazy.  I was supposed to have a Girl Scout meeting but ended up canceling it.  My daughter was an emotional wreck over that.  We were supposed to have swim lessons, but again canceled those.  I wasn’t getting through any of the housework I planned.  The only reason I thought of food was because I had to feed my kids.  The week was definitely not going well.  Luckily my brother rents our basement apartment.  The man is a saint.

I woke from one of my fever spells to a bottle of Advil migraine, a bag of cough drops and offering to pick up pizza so I wouldn’t have to cook.  Did I mention my brother is amazing?!  I’ve always been thankful for him but I would not have survived last week without his help.  He helped me with the kids, housework and dealing with dinners…  So while I may not have had all the TLC I’m used to while being sick, I at least didn’t have to manage the household alone.  I’m forever thankful I have an amazing family.


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