Lack of Internet…

My world pretty much revolves around having internet or cell phone access – I don’t deny that in the least bit.  At home we have three Xbox360’s, three desktop computers, my laptop, two PS3’s, a Roku box and two Western Digital Live Streaming players, an iPad and a Kindle all connected to our network for some reason or another.  Whether that be Netflix, Spotify or just internet surfing – they all require an internet connection.  Granted, not all at the same time, but you get the picture.

Monday morning we lost internet connection entirely.  My husband ended up on the phone for a rather long time trying to resolve the issue.  Sadly, no one could pinpoint what was causing the problem.  You know it’s bad when they say ‘well I show you have connection’ and you don’t… At first I wasn’t concerned.  Usually if we have an outage things are back up and running fairly fast.  So the husband and I took off for lunch and some shopping.

When we returned home, I think we were both expecting things to be back in action.  We were wrong.  The husband got back on the phone to check on the progress.  He was informed it’d be about 48 hours before things were fixed.  This was my reaction…

  • Husband: So they said 48 hours.
  • Me:  *blink* *blink* …what the hell?!
  • Husband: Yep, that’s what they said.
  • Me: No that can’t be right…. Nope.. I don’t accept that.

See, without internet I can’t blog, look up cool things on Pinterest, watch Netflix!  I can’t plan my Girl Scout meetings or the next baking project without patterns or recipes.  Hell I can’t even look up new ideas for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse!  The internet is like my ESPN for the sports nut during NFL playoffs.  Is that bad?  Probably… but the fact remains I was none too happy.  I was about five minutes from packing the kids up and heading to my parents’ house since their internet access was perfectly fine.  Instead, what do I do?  The next best thing, grab my iPhone and post about it on Facebook.

My Status Update:

For the first time in years we have NO Internet at home… I’m not sure what to do now… I really hope they fix it tomorrow!!

The comments from my friends:

  1. I picture you guys sitting in a circle staring at each other in silence…
  2. Reminds me of when the power went out in the trailer and mom would bust out the lamp.
  3. OMG this is life just a few short years ago!  You’re cracking me up 🙂
  4. It really is too funny! I can’t imagine you guys without internet. Hahaha!
  5. Lol uh oh

 And the comment from a fellow daycare mom:

Your husband works in IT and you have no internet?  Isn’t that what you have him for?

I love how well my friends know me.  It really does crack me up.  Now, is it the end of the world that I had a major lack of internet?  No, not by any means.  Was it a huge pain in my behind?  Hell yes!  I have a very hard time with anything that doesn’t work, let alone the internet.

On the other hand, the lack of internet did give me a good opportunity to watch regular TV and remind myself why I love Netflix and DVR content.  I really dislike commercials.  Five minutes of a show then 20 minutes of commercials… That really doesn’t fit into my busy life.  It also gave me a chance to start the new book I bought while we were on our family ‘vacation’ this past weekend.  I say vacation loosely but that’s an entirely different posting.

While the lack of internet was a total disappointment, I survived the night and had high hopes it would be back up and running the next day.  While at work the next morning the husband called up our ISP.  According to their records, the ticket had been resolved and closed.  My reaction: WOOHOO!  That is until the husband went home to check on it…

The ticket had been listed as resolved and closed… yet we had no internet.  Gotta love it.  FINALLY he managed to get in touch with a tech in our area.  By Tuesday afternoon we had access once again.  Thank the tech gods.  So far we’ve had no additional issues, but that may be due to the sacrificed goat I offered to the tech gods on Wednesday… Maybe…


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