Only in Montana…

I love my state.  I love living here and feel absolutely blessed to live in a place where I can enjoy the forests, Glacier National Park, skiing, hiking, swimming and all that.  As much as I love Montana, we don’t always have the best image…

In the news we haven’t always been known for the best things:

  • We were the home for Unabomber – Ted Kaczynski..
  • Home of the Jesse and Ted Ernst, who were responsible for the Larry Streeter murder…

Then there are the outlandish questions I get regarding living in Montana:

  • Do you have electricity  in Montana?
  • Do you guys drive cars or still ride horses?

I’m always finding myself trying to explain that no… Montana is a really great place to live.  We aren’t all backwoods hermits living in cabins without running water or indoor plumbing.  Yes, we do have schools.  Hell we’re home to the University of Montana Grizzlies football team!

 Then I see something that totally reverses my defense of Montana…

Canadian Spoke Here…
My sister and I saw this yesterday while shopping in our hometown.  Sometimes I just need to shake my head.  Really?  Which ‘Canadian’ language?  Last I checked the official languages for Canada were French and English.  Of course there are a multitude of non-official languages listed for Canada.  Regardless, I would love clarification as to which Canadian language they speak at our local Dollar Store…

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