I Miss Snow Days…

Our area is currently getting hit with an entire winters worth of snow… in the matter of a few days. 

Until now, our winter has been extremely mild.  We’ve had very little snow, if any in some areas.  We’ve had some seriously cold days, but nothing that lasted.  For the most part we’ve had months of autumn… without the whole leaves changing and whatnot.

Until yesterday…

I woke up yesterday morning to a good couple of inches of snow.  Yep.  Woohoo, winter is finally here.  (please note the sarcasm in that woohoo).  I love Montana ~ I love Montana enough that I can honestly say I would rather live here than anywhere else.  I enjoy visiting other areas, but always look forward to coming home.  As much as I love Montana and realize that snow is part of living here (I should know, I’ve been here my entire life)… I never look forward to this time of year.

I don’t enjoy the cold.  I like mid-range temperatures.  Nothing too hot and definitely nothing too cold…. or wet.  There’s nothing worse than getting cold and wet all in a matter of minutes.  With snowfall like we’ve had in the past two days, that’s all I’ve been ~ Cold and wet.

As I sit here staring out my window watching the snow fall, I can’t help but miss being in school.  I know I know, crazy right?  Nope.  I have a very sound argument and can be summed up in two words: Snow. Day I miss waiting by the radio or TV for that announcement ‘all Flathead Valley schools will be closed due to inclement weather and treacherous road conditions’.  Hell, even if my office closed for the day, I wouldn’t know until I actually arrived at the office.  By then does it really matter?  I mean I’ve already taken the effort to get up and dressed and all that.  No, I truly miss those days when the weather outside has me shivering, wet and sleepy.  I’d much rather be at home with a cup of hot chocolate, my blanket and my book.


On another note… Days like this:

View from my office window
Really don’t call for shoes like this:
I could have possibly selected a better outfit for this snowy day…

4 thoughts on “I Miss Snow Days…

  1. karissaroo

    Last night I was watching a show about tropical climates’ deadliest creatures and I thought to myself, “Karissa, dealing with snow is soooo sooo much better than having to worry about huge poisonous spiders, scorpions, and snakes.” So I awoke today with a smile :D…and also a similar nostalgia for the days of anticipation by the radio. Haha remember listening to the radio on the way to school praying there is was a delayed cancellation?

  2. LOL Yes I remember those days… The only reason we were on the road was because dad liked to make a sport out of ‘how many people can we tow out of the ditch’ … so much fun.

    I agree, no way in hell I wanna live in a place with huge spiders (poisonous or otherwise), scorpions or snakes. That doesn’t mean I can’t favor autumn in Montana over the snow dear sister 🙂

    Did mom cringe while watching the deadliest creatures? I always love her reactions!!

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