Let’s Start with Hawaii…

It all started when I opened WordPress this morning.  I love their ‘Freshly Pressed’ section.  Inevitably I find something I want to read.  This morning it was: 60 Minutes Up, 60 Seconds Down: Adventures in Volcano Boarding.  With a title like that I couldn’t help but click and with a single click I discovered that it is totally possible to board down the side of a volcano.  SWEET!

After reading about their absolutely amazing trip to board down Cerra Negro in Nicaragua, I decided this was something I just had to do.  This is the IM conversation it spurred with my husband:

  • Krystal -> hehehe so I’m watching a video of volcano boarding… I think it’d be fun lol

I really don’t think he was taking me seriously.  He attempts to divert my attention by talking about bank statements.  Uh huh yeah sure that’ll work.  Once he’s done telling me how we’re going paperless and if I wanna know where are finances stand I’ll have to look online…

  • Krystal -> so… volcano boarding 🙂

Again he continues on about the paperless statements.  *shakes head* He really doesn’t realize how determined I am to discuss the whole volcano boarding thing.

Finally! After getting through our discussion of paperwork and pile of crap (mostly junk mail and statements) we have on our kitchen table.

  • Husband -> so volcano surfing
  • Krystal -> hehehee yes! wouldn’t it be fun?!
  • Husband -> I would think the hot lava would be a major deterrent for me.
  • Krystal -> Well it’s not like the volcano is erupting while you’re there… and you board down the side of the mountain.
  • Husband -> is there snow?
  • Krystal -> Nope
  • Husband -> just does it on the rock then
  • Krystal -> Yup

At this point we get diverted onto another topic and I decide to rope one of my close friends in on the conversation.  She’s totally down with volcano boarding! Woohoo I have a partner in crime now.  Needless to say we’re all excited about it.  We’ve both added this little adventure to our bucket lists.  Hell we’re even willing to share with another friend/coworker here.  His response – ‘Nicaragua isn’t the safest place to go…’  Then we got to thinking and internet searching and well… decide Hey! Let’s just go to Costa Rica.  They have volcanos there.

My dear husband ends up calling me on the phone and we start talking about the whole volcano thing.  I tell him how Nicaragua isn’t safe and we should do Costa Rica instead. Then he informs me that the location doesn’t matter and I’ll never do it anyway.  So I ask him what makes him say that.  “Well you’ll be all freaked out that someone will kidnap the kids or you’ll lose them somewhere…” Needless to say, I end the conversation quickly after that.  Sheesh.  Way to rain on my parade!  Back to IM’s for the husband… at least there I can ignore him without looking like I’m pouting. 🙂

  • Krystal -> you know… making my weird phobias worse is NOT nice to do to the crazy lady.
  • Husband -> Your lead is incorrect.  You are assuming I am making them worse.  I was simply pointing them out, not making them worse.
  • Krystal -> pfft… but I wasn’t thinking about the phobias when I was trying to figure it out… see I think like this… if I can ignore the phobias then maybe I’ll make it out of the country.
  • Husband -> If the baby needs water for his ba ba, you pulling from the tap?
  • Krystal -> by then he’ll be done with ba ba
  • Husband -> LOL ok.  Well it looks cool.  B knows Costa Rica pretty well
  • Krystal -> He’d go volcano surfing with me! Bring P too.  *nods* see we’d have fun.
  • Husband -> Indeed

After a bit more research, we’ve discovered that boarding down a volcano in Costa Rica is probably not the best idea.  Sadly, I’ll have to head to Nicaragua for it.  However, now that we’ve researched Costa Rica, I’ve decided it’d be a blast and we need to go anyway.

  • Krystal -> some day… I am so going to go volcano boarding… but I think Costa Rica would be fun first.
  • Husband -> Lets start with Hawaii first… and if you can handle leaving the country and still be in it, then maybe we can baby step to Costa Rica….

SO NOT NICE!  I’d love to smack him for that little comment 😉 but won’t.  Afterall, as one of my best friends pointed out to me – he has a point.  I do have some serious fears of losing my kids out of the country.  Or not being allowed to leave the other country with them.  Or hell them eating some random berry or putting a funky leaf in their mouth and being way too far from home for healthcare.  Traveling with kids is damned scary, I don’t care what anyone says.  Then you add my other weird fears of public bathrooms, tap water, strangers or lack of hand sanitizer.  Yep, let’s start with Hawaii…


2 thoughts on “Let’s Start with Hawaii…

  1. karissaroo

    I would totally love to go Volcano boarding! I would also love to go to Costa Rica and all the other aforementioned places. Lets take a year off and do all of it together! Woohoo.

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